Facials & Chemical Peels
One of the Least Invasive Ways to Improve Your Skin
Name Description Cost
Pumpkin Facial (75 minutes) | This facial focuses on exfoliating and nourishing the skin with over 100 vitamins and minerals derived from pumpkin. This treatment helps reduce fine lines and pigmentation while plumping skin. Excellent facial to receive a day before an event or outing. This all natural organic facial includes light extractions and massage on face décolleté and arms. This facial includes the original award winning pumpkin peel by a natural difference. $80
Oxygen Facial (55 minutes) | The oxygen facial is designed to regenerate oxygen back into the skin. Gently exfoliating, this facial stimulates blood flow, kills bacteria, and treats all areas of concern. Great for acne prone skin. Leaves skin feeling plump, smooth and glowing! $70
The European Facial (90 minutes) | This luxury facial is designed to relax your body and nourish your skin. A variety of enzymes, masks, and vitamins will be used based on your concerns and skins needs. Fade discoloration, smooth away lines, and nourish your skin while receiving 30 minutes of massage on face, décolleté, back, and arms. $120
Custom Clinical Facial (45 minutes) | Customize your own facial based on your concerns. Your choice between 2 different acids, 3 different enzymes, multiple different masks, and vitamins. Your choice lymphatic drainage or extraction, or substitute a mask for a treatment. This facial is all about addressing your individual needs and concerns. $55
Deep Pore Facial This facials focus is to decongest problematic skin and shrink pores. Glycolic acid will be used to exfoliate and shrink pores followed by extractions to help skin clear skin of acne and blemishes. For best results this facial needs to be followed by reputable products for home care to keep and enhance results. $50
Vitamin A & C “The Antioxidant” Facial (60 minutes) | This facial is designed to encourage collagen production and brighten skin. Great for smoothing fine lines, brightening skin, and tightening loose skin. Very exfoliating allowing maximum absorption of vitamins. Includes massage on face, décolleté , and arms. You will leave looking and feeling rejuvenated. $75
Back Facial A favorite treatment by men and women who have problematic skin on their backs. Receive the same quality masks and enzymes typically used on the face for your back. This includes extractions and light massage. $80
Peels Prices vary depending on strength of peel. Glycolic | Lactic | Jezner | Pumpkin | Vitamin A | Vitamin C | Cherry Berry $45 to $120
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A facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin, especially when it’s given by an experienced, knowledgeable  esthetician. Facial clean, exfoliate and nourish the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion, and can help your skin look younger.